MYL, special mention of the Spanish National Award for Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

An Spindle of more than 2 meters destined to the rectification of deep holes was one of the surprises of the BIEMH Trade Show 2018.

The BIEMH, Biennial Trade Show of the Machine Tool that has been held at the BEC in Barakaldo, Spain, has been the scene of the award of the National Award for Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies organized by AFM, the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Machine Tools. 14 projects have competed in this 12th edition.

Within the category of Machine Tool Innovation Award in components, accessories and tools, the jury made up of representatives from Beaz, BIC Gipuzkoa, CDTI, EIDE, Ergogroup, Ihobe, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Osalan, SPRI, Tecnun and UPV / EHU, has awarded MYL an special mention for their Spindle intended for the rectification of deep holes.

This product is a head for a grinding machine for the grinding of very deep holes, of more than 2 meters. This head has been developed with a machine interface, which allows the user to use different heads with the same drive system.

The main characteristic of the head or spindle, is its high degree of slenderness (12.5). And its main utility is the precision grinding of deep internal diameters of large parts, such as turbine interiors, landing gear cylinders and high pressure pistons of the oil & gas sector...

The main technical innovation that has been incorporated in this head reisdes in the use of different layers of materials in its internal structure that allow to reduce the inconveniences caused by natural frequencies or resonance modes in the grinding processes, without reducing the total rigidity of the unity.

Apart from the multilayer system of the main structure, in the main shaft, rotating part, special transmission elements have been used in order to dampen and reduce the vibrations caused by possible misalignments or clearances due to the high degree of slenderness of the rolling elements.

In summary, Talleres MYL has developed a grinding head for holes of more than 2 meters, designed so that the machine can work with different heads of easy exchange. A product that will bring a higher level of competitiveness to machine manufacturers and end users.