· Our values ·

Dependability, commitment, innovation & flexibility


The pillars on which we are founded.


The experience accumulated over more than 45 years of existence has enabled us to build up an inestimable database and valuable knowledge of the product and market. If we do not have the design the customer is looking for, we know or will find the place to start.


Quality must be seen, touched and felt, therefore each one of the manufacturing and repair process stages is very carefully controlled and available on an extranet that we share with our customers.


To be able to speak to, interact with and directly contact our customers is, for us, a luxury and a necessity. As only in this way will we get to know their real needs, treating every model with the devotion and level of detailed care that it deserves.

Design & Retrofitting

Thanks to the use of our own technologies and engineering, we are capable of manufacturing and retrofitting special spindles adapted to customer needs.


From the arrival of the spindle at the factory, to its identification, dismantling, cleaning, testing and assembly and final repair. Each and every one of the steps is strictly controlled, identified and monitored by our team of professionals.

3D design

Each and every one of the designs on which we work is prepared in 3D by a specialised team and expert.


We customise and adapt any design that our customers require. Our technological capability and flexibility allows us to design a new spindle or retrofit following the technical specifications of the customer.


To be able to respond to the needs of our customers, whoever they are, and taking painstaking care of each one of the stages is our greatest satisfaction.