· Precision Spindles & Spindle Repair Services ·


We collaborate closely with the main manufacturers at a global level, so we access to original spare parts.



1 Receipt & identification

When the spindle is received at our facilities, it is identified and entered into the system, and it is assigned a project number for traceability.

2 Inspection

We thoroughly inspect the spindle, analysing the condition in which the spindle was received; thus we can analyse the possible fault before dismounting.

3 Disassembly

We fully dismount the spindle, taking special care not to damage any component and separating and identifying each one of them. We digitally note and store the data relating to the condition of the parts.

4 Cleaning

We thoroughly clean each component, ensuring they are in the best condition for later inspection of its geometry.

5 Geometrical inspection

We carry out a dimensional and geometrical inspection of all the parts. All areas of our facilities have a controlled and constant temperature to ensure all measurements are accurate.

6 Design & Manufacture

We design and manufacture any component that can be repaired or replaced in our facilities; the technical department designs a plan for each specific repair job.

7 Report & Quotation

We analyse all the data in a multi-departmental meeting and prepare a report and a specific quotation for the customer.

8 Assembly

We plan the assembly once the customer has accepted our quotation in our “clean assembly room”.

9 Balancing

We balance the spindle to the highest level defined in standard ISO- 10816.

10 Running-in test

We run-in the spindles using the original parameters, monitoring bearing and motor temperature as well as the vibration values at all times, ensuring it operates correctly once installed in the machine.

11 Final inspection

When the spindle is received at We carry out a thorough analysis of all the values that determine the correct operation of the spindle, this task is carried out by the same technician that previously analysed and disassembled the spindle.

12 Dispatch

We package the spindle in non-reactive paper in specific packages for the protection of the spindle during transport. All the reports and instructions relating to the repair are included.